[ Amrit Bharat Station ] Scheme

 [ Amrit Bharat Station ] Scheme

Cover Image [ Amrit Bharat Station ] Scheme
Cover Image [ Amrit Bharat Station ] Scheme

The recent introduction of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme aim to enhance and modernize railway stations throughout the Indian Railways network.  

The scheme currently intends to upgrade and modernize a total of 1275 stations across the Indian Railway system. 

Within this initiative, 18 stations from the Sonpur Division and 20 stations from the Samastipur Division have been singled out for attention.

The Amrit Bharat Station scheme has a long-term vision for the ongoing development of stations. 

It involves creating Master Plans and executing them in phases to enhance various station facilities.

 These enhancements encompass bettering station accessibility, waiting areas, toilet facilities, lift and escalator installations as needed, cleanliness, offering free Wi-Fi, setting up kiosks for local products through

 initiatives like 'One Station One Product', enhancing passenger information systems, establishing Executive Lounges, designating spaces for business meetings, incorporating landscaping, and catering to the unique requirements of each station.

Furthermore, the scheme emphasizes upgrading station structures, integrating stations with the surrounding city areas on both sides, promoting multimodal connectivity, providing facilities for individuals with disabilities (Divyangjans), implementing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions,

 introducing ballastless tracks, incorporating 'Roof Plazas' when required, and considering the feasibility and phasing of improvements. The ultimate goal is to transform these stations into vibrant city centres over the long term.

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