PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme from 2022-23 to 2026-27

PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme 

Cover Image of PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme from  2022-23 to 2026-27
Cover Image of PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme from  2022-23 to 2026-27

 The PM SHRI School is a centrally sponsored scheme initiated by the Government of India. Its objective is to establish over 14,500 PM SHRI Schools, overseen by the Central Government, State/UT Governments, local bodies, as well as Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) and Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS). 

These schools aim to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for every student, ensuring their well-being and providing a secure and enriching learning environment. 

The goal is to offer a diverse range of learning experiences and ensure access to ood physical infrastructureg and appropriate resources for all students.

The overarching purpose of PM SHRI School is to nurture students in a manner that transforms them into engaged, productive, and contributing citizens.

 This aligns with the vision of the National Education Policy 2020, striving to build a society characterized by equity, inclusivity, and pluralism.

These schools will not only focus on enhancing cognitive development but also creating holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with key 21st-century skills

The pedagogy adopted in these schools will be more experiential, holistic, integrated, play/toy-based (particularly in the foundational years), inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centred, discussion-based, flexible, and enjoyable.

 The focus will be on the learning outcomes of every child in every grade. Assessment at all levels will be based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge to real-life situations and will be competency-based.

About PM SHRI School

PM SHRI School is a centrally sponsored scheme by the Government of India

This initiative is intended to develop more than 14500 PM SHRI Schools managed by Central Government/State/UT Government/local bodies including KVS and NVS in which every student feels welcomed and cared for, 

where a safe and stimulating learning environment exists, where a wide range of learning experiences are offered, and where good physical infrastructure and appropriate resources conducive to learning are available to all students.

It will nurture students in a way that they become engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive, and plural society as envisaged by the National Education Policy 2020.

More than 20 lakh students are expected to be the direct beneficiaries of the scheme. The scheme will also promote an understanding of various dimensions of the Quality of school education and inform Policy, Practice and Implementation. The learning from these schools will be scaled up to other schools in the country.

The Scheme is proposed to be implemented over a period of 5 years w.e.f. 2022-23 to 2026-27.

PM SHRI School 2022

PM SHRI Schools will help showcase the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 and emerge as exemplar Schools over a period of time.

PM Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) Scheme 

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